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Canceled Prince Of Persia Reboot Footage discovered on YouTube

Prince of Persia used to be one of Ubisoft’s flagship franchises two generations ago. Unfortunately, the franchise has taken a back seat to franchises like Assassin’s Creed but fans continue to hope for a new title in the franchise. The Prince has made cameo appearances in other titles, mostly mobile Ubisoft games but a new flagship title in the franchise hasn’t been released in ten years.

Canceled Prince Of Persia Reboot Footage discovered on YouTube

Today footage of a reboot for Prince of Persia was deserved on YouTube. The footage isn’t new, but was actually uploaded back in 2012 but sat with only 150 views.

The footage blew up when a Ubisoft employee discovered the footage two years ago questioning how the uploader acquired the footage and another Ubisoft developer confirmed that the footage was real from a LinkedIn account describing things they worked on in the uploaded footage. Looking at all three of these posts people made the connections and surmised the footage was in fact of a real game.

Titled “Prince of Persia Redemption,” the title looked to bring back the Sands of Time allowing you to avoid your own death by rewinding time and getting a second chance at life.

The footage runs a little over three minutes and the game actually looked pretty good so we can only speculate why the game was actually canceled. let us know if you have any theories or if you, like us would love to get a new Prince of Persia title.

Source: Resetera