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Cancelled TimeSplitters Game Footage Appears Online Showcasing July 2023 Build

A former member of Free Radical has revealed five minutes of gameplay footage for the cancelled TimeSplitters game, taken from a July 2023 build of the shooter.

As previously reported on PSU, Free Radical was sadly closed down in December 2023 as part of Embracer Group’s ongoing restructuring process. As such, the TimeSplitters game was shelved, although we’re still hoping that one day the IP may somehow get resurrected.

For now though, Rob Steptoe has provided a brief look at what could have been via his LinkedIn account, titled TimeSplitters Next. Check it out here.

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The new TimeSplitters game was announced back in May 2021, with Deep Silver’s Paul Nicholls commenting at the time:

It’s this unique style that earned the TimeSplitters series a large and passionate following who will, without doubt, be excited by the formation of Deep Silver’s latest studio and will look forward to learning more as the franchise moves forward.