Capcom details Street Fighter x Tekken DLC

Capcom’s laid out its downloadable content plans for crossover brawler Street Fighter x Tekken.

The publisher will begin churning out DLC for the fighter in Japan early next month, with the first batch arriving on April 3 in the form of a free character colour set and pre-set combos.

In addition, gamers will also be able to download new costumes for combatants, priced individually at 100 yen/80 Microsoft Points. Alternatively, you can buy a complete costume set for all Street Fighter characters for 1,300 yen/1040 Microsoft Points, and the same price for all Tekken characters.

Elsewhere, characters previously exclusive to the PlayStation Vita version of the game will be made available in a DLC bundle priced 2,000 yen/1600 Microsoft Points.

No word on a western release for the above content yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

via Andriasang