Capcom to fix game-breaking Street Fighter x Tekken bug

Capcom has pledged to offer a remedy for Street Fighter x Tekken’s game-breaking glitch by mid-June.

The glitch, which reared its head after Capcom introduced patch 1.04, sees the game crash “anytime knife-like projectiles collide with fireballs,” the firm said.

However, the company has assured fans that a fix is in the works, with Street Fighter x Tekken’s Tomoaki Ayano commenting:

"The development team is currently examining the problem and planning to patch the game as quickly as possible. The patch to fix the glitch should be released by mid June."

"We truly apologize for this problem, and hope everyone will be patient until the patch is released.”

Capcom recently admitted that sales of its crossover brawler were below expectations, due to the fact a number of beat-’em-up titles were released in close proximity to each other.