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Carnage Is The Latest Addition To The Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass

The Fortnite universe continues to grow, and while we saw Venom just days ago during the PlayStation Showcase 2021, this time its Carnage in the limelight as the latest addition to the season 8 battle pass.

The news comes from the Fornite Twitter account which tweeted out a gif of Carnage in motion after a series of teases leading up to it, as the latest season brings more changes to the gameplay that Fortnite players know and love.

The creative power that Fortnite has being able to bring in all these characters from different universes is truly astounding at times, and while this addition isn’t exactly on par with announcements like Kratos or Master Chief being added to the game, it does show how obscure Fornite is allowed to get if they want to. It’ll be interesting to see how deep within franchises like Marvel or DC, potentially bringing out some obscure characters and even giving them new life in a way/

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