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Carrion Will Crawl Its Way Onto PS4 This Year

Carrion is a reverse horror experience that instead of putting you in the shoes of a helpless human needing to use your wit and tenacity to escape the horrible monster, you are the horrible monster who will ensure the helpless humans just get gobbled up, and it’s coming to PS4 sometime this year.

Carrion comes from developer Phobia Game Studio, and the news of Carrion’s PlayStation debut was revealed like many other indie games today, through a post on the official PlayStation Blog, along with a new trailer and a write up about the game from one of the developers, this time the game and level designer for Phobia Game Studio, Krzysztof Chomicki.

“Carrion immerses you in the role of an abominable alien creature as it awakens in a secret, underground laboratory. With no explanation how it arrived there or for what purpose, there is only one thing on the mysterious monster’s mind: escape! And eat people. Okay, two things.”

You can watch the trailer for Carrion coming to PS4 this Fall for yourself, right here:

Source – [PlayStation Blog]