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Chained Echoes Is A 16-Bit RPG Brimming With SNES Charm, Due Out On PS4 In Q4 2022

Matthias Linda and Deck13 Spotlight have announced a new 16-bit RPG inspired by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System era, Chained Echoes.

Due out on PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in Q4 2022, Chained Echoes takes place in a fantasy realm populated by dragons, fantastical landscapes, and a charming cast of characters. Putting story at the forefront, Chained Echoes follows a group of heroes travelling the continent of Valandis in an attempt to bring about the end of a long-running conflict between its three kingdoms.

In doing so, you’ll navigate a diverse range of environments, including wind-swept plateaus, sunken cities, long-lost dungeons, and exotic archipelagos. If you’re a fan of classic 16-bit RPGs, then this sounds like nothing short of a love letter to those much-beloved titles — probably worth keeping an eye on, then!

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Chained Echoes has yet to attract a concrete release date but will launch in Q4 2022 for PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One.