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Check Out These PS1 And PS2 Styled Modded DualSense Controllers


Whilst perusing the internet, we stumbled across these stylish PS1 and PS2 themed DualSense controllers from LazaModz, which gives us just a glimpse into what Sony could possible bring us when it comes to custom DualSense controllers.

Both controllers, of course, aren’t made by Sony, so they aren’t official, but there are a few other designs available on LazaModz’s website. However, the PS1 theme will cost you a sizeable $164, while the PS2-themed controller is a little cheaper at $148. You can find both controllers here.

However, while Sony has said custom designs and colors of the PS5 will come in the future, we probably won’t get any retro-themed controllers anytime soon, so this might be your only way of getting a design like this.

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So, will you be buying any of these controllers? Or, would you rather wait for an official Sony model to come out.

Source – [LazaModz]