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Chorus Community Update Reveals Fishlabs Is Working On ‘Final Stages Of The Game’

Developer Fishlabs has provided a brief video update on Chorus, confirming the development team is currently working on the ‘final stages of the game.’

The game hasn’t been seen in quite some time, so if you’ve been looking forward to Chorus, we recommend checking out the video below to see how it’s shaping up. Pleasingly, the video description confirms that the game will launch in 2021.

Chorus is currently in development for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and will be published by Deep Silver at some point later this year.

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Chorus is described as an evolution of the classic space shooter genre, with players controlling ace pilot Nara on a journey of redemption as she faces her past head on. In doing so, you’ll venture across the galaxy, unearthing a dark new universe while juggling various weapons and abilities that can be chained together in combat.