Class action lawsuit filed against EA for not including Battlefield 1943 in our PS3 copies of BF3

Back in June, during E3, we were told that EA would include Battlefield 1943 in every PlayStation 3 copy of Battlefield 3. Then we recently found out that this was not the case.

Now, the Edelson McGuire law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against the publishers of Battlefield 3, Electronic Arts, on grounds that the announcement came too late (after Battlefield 3 had come out), and that the PSA was hardly seen my most consumers. EA only posted the announcement on the company’s official twitter in a response to a gamer who noticed their copy was missing saying “In lieu of 1943 being available on disk for PS3 customers, EA has made all BF3 expansions available early to PS3 customers.”

EA must now answer the allegations that the company "misled and profited from thousands of their customers by making a promise that they could not, and never intended, to keep".

What do you think? What’s with the recent trend of publishers lying about extra content for PS3 gamers?