Code Vein multiplayer being considered by Bandai Namco

code vein multiplayer

In one of the Code Vein gameplay videos we posted on the site, it shows two characters fighting side by side like you would in Bloodborne, which isn’t surprising since Shift (God Eater) has been quite vocal that the game is taking its inspiration to the Dark Souls series. 

Well, now it seems that might be happening. At TGS, Producer Keita Iizuka confirmed that Code Vein multiplayer is being looked on by the studio.

"Yes, we are now thinking of the multiplayer support. But we cannot tell about details on this part. However, we really focus on the buddy system in this game so with this idea we negotiating and discussing with the development team to install a multiplayer support system."

If you watched any of the gameplay videos of Code Vein, the AI co-op partner you run around with seems to be the logical choice on how multiplayer will work.  

You can also check out how the character creation system of Code Vein works in this video

Code Vein will bite its way out sometime in 2018.

Source: GameReactor