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Code Vein: Tips to Help you Survive

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Code Vein is the latest title from Bandai Namco that looks to evolve the now fan-dubbed Souls-like genre. This anime-themed title can be a tough challenge. So, we have compiled a few tips to help you get through this apocalyptic world.

Code Vein uses specific character skills to help you get through most of the game’s challenges rather than focusing on stat-based gameplay, like most of the titles of this kind tend to do.

We’ve compiled a bunch of tips that will help you get through Code Vein a little easier. It’s not just about being good at the game. It’s about reading your environment and preparing for the challenges ahead.

Code Vein tips

Yakumo is Your Best Friend

The moment you reach the base camp for the first time, the first thing you should do is go and speak with Yakumo. Yakumo is the red-haired member of your team. When you speak to him, an option will appear to “Switch Partners.” Do so right away. Nothing against Louis, but Yakumo is easily the best companion in the entire game. Yakumo not only does great damage to enemies with his massive two-handed sword, but he also stuns and knocks down enemies with ease, including bosses.

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Playing with your friends could lead to some memorable moments as you work together.

Read your Environment

The further you get into Code Vein, the more you learn the types of attacks your enemies will use. Not only that, but the environment also indicate the types of foes you’ll face. Knowing as much as you can goes a long way to make things easier for you. Investing in skills that protect you from specific elemental attacks will keep you alive for a long while. Imbuing your weapon with venom or fire will add extra damage, especially if your foes have a weakness to such things. You can do this by applying one-time use items or enchanting them back at Hope Base.

Strike from the Back

Attacking enemies from behind will start an animation that will knock the enemy down and cause massive damage. This stun attack is great to not only keep you immune to attacks for a few seconds but also restore and increases the maxim Ichor, which is used to pull off your skills. It’s also very easy to pull off a Back Strike on almost every enemy, excluding bosses.

Attacking from the back initiates a very heavy hit, which also makes you immune to damage for a time.

Speak to all your companions

Every time you return to the main base, speak to every one of your companions. Talking to them can unlock new Codes. Companions will give you their blood, which in turn will unlock a new Code based on that character. Codes unlock new Gifts, which are skills that you can learn. They also give you random presents from time to time, which you can use to gain favor with teammates.

Give your teammates presents

You’ll find items throughout Code Vein, like food, toys, and drinks. These items can be given as presents to everyone in Hope Base. Most characters like specific things, so you’ll have to learn what each character is interested in. The more interest they have in an item, the more friendship points you’ll earn.

Each character has unique items that can be exchanged with these friend points. The biggest reason you want to exchange presents are the unique weapons that you can acquire which are actually your companion’s weapons. These are the best weapons and worth the investment.

Prioritize upgrading weapons and armor over Level

It may be tempting to use all your hard-earned Haze on leveling up your character, but we recommend using your Haze to improve your gear, like your weapons of choice and the armor you plan to wear throughout the game. We also recommend sticking to a set of weapons and armor to get them leveled as high as you can and not waste your Haze upgrading a variety of different weapons and armor. That’s not to say you shouldn’t level up your character, as it’s still very important.

The very moment my friend joined my session, they stared right out my screen at me. It was as funny as it was startling.

Play with Friends

Code Vein can be a tough game, but it doesn’t need to be. Co-op makes Code Vein a walk in the park. Not only do you get to go into encounters with a friend, but you also get to bring your A.I. companion. Believe me: Between three characters, the game becomes a cakewalk. Check out our guide on how to connect and play with your friends.

“Code Vein: How to Play With Your Friends”

We hope these tips help you on your vampiric adventure and make it easier to survive this world.