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Conan Exiles Brings Fixes To Battle Pass, Inventory In Update 2.03; Read The Full Patch Notes Here

FunCom has lobbed a fresh batch of Conan Exiles fixes in your direction today, including polishing up issues with the Battle Pass and inventory management. Check out the full list of Conan Exiles update 2.03 patch notes below for more details on these changes.

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  • Potion of Midnight is now craftable at a new station located next to the Werehyena who teaches you the recipe. This station is the only station where it can be crafted.
  • Other Werehyena NPCs at the event camp have been properly disciplined and no longer offer the option to speak to you
  • Followers will now properly defend against the Werehyena Ambush
  • Bearer Thrall HP increased to original pre-Chapter 4 values
    • (Dev note: This change is temporary, as we feel the current HP values of Bearer Thralls is too high. This will be revisited after a new feature in a future update)
  • Defensive Followers will now properly use weapons
  • Fixed an issue where a player can become invulnerable under specific circumstances
  • Tweaked certain Elephant attacks so that they no longer rotate in unintended ways
  • Siptah: Fixed an attack from a Devolved Goblin that did no damage
  • Fixed an issue where the attacks of the Wine Cellar boss Thag could not be avoided
  • Fixed an issue where Great-Axe attacks would go through Shields even when blocked
  • Fixed an issue which prevented equipping torches while mounted
  • Enemies will no longer fail to enter the Dazed state when attacked before they’ve had a chance to draw their weapon
  • Enemies also no longer appear to snap out of Dazed State when a Fatality is executed
  • Increased pathing speed during Fatality Executions (e.g. your character will move into position faster)
  • Thralls guarding a gate frame will no longer slide when the gate is opened
  • Resurrected Corpse inventory fixed and usable
    • Also fixed an issue which allowed Resurrected Corpses to be given armor
  • Ballista camera should no longer stutter when used on Dedicated Servers
  • Patrons arriving at Taverns should always face the proper direction

Inventory Management

  • Reintroduced the Split Stack window
  • Changed Quick-Split shortcut to Shift +Right Click by default
  • Right Click now defaults to “Use” as before
  • Inventories will now save the last selected sorting filter
  • The crafting queue can now be accessed with a controller
  • The cursor highlight will no longer jump to crafting recipes when assigning a thrall to a workstation
  • The X (Xbox) / Square (PlayStation) buttons will no longer close the UI
  • While using a controller, the left stick will now only move between options in the highlighted window, and the right stick will navigate between windows
  • Crafting Panels will now be visible when opening the window, rather than being blank until a recipe is selected
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would disappear while in menus
  • Fixed an issue where Descriptions and Buttons would fail to update when the menu changed
  • Fixed multiple issues affecting moving and picking up items
  • Fixed an issue which caused items to lose functionality when split several times
  • Stats will now be shown when hovering over items in the hotbar radial menu
  • Fixed an issue where using the Potion of the Hunt caused the inventory windows to remain open in the final stage of the Midnight Grove
  • Fixed an issue where dropping an item would sometimes drop unmarked items as well
  • Minor adjustments of various UI windows

Battle Pass & Bazaar Item Fixes

  • Lost Dungeon Grate Hatch can now be open and closed more than once, as hatches are meant to be
  • Lost Dungeon Curved Crenelated Walls and Fences can now be places on Curved Walls and Doorways
  • Fixed level-of-detail (LOD) graphical issue on Poitain Jousting Knight Armor
  • Poitain Knight Caparison Emblem is no longer squished on the left side of the caparison
  • Poitain Caparison saddle and Winter Caparison saddle no longer have clipping issues
  • Building pieces should now use the appropriate sound cues instead of the sound cues of the material they were placed on
  • Dismantling Treasure Maps will no longer give plant fiber and will instead give back some of the materials used for crafting the Treasure Map
  • Yamatai Onsen Water Pump water flowing animation will now start when interacting with it
  • Arachnid Companion Supreme now has more health than the base Arachnid Companion
  • Fixed a missing background in Battle Pass parallax artwork