Could Batman Arkham Knight Easter Eggs hint at Rocksteady Superman game?

Easter eggs certainly aren’t unusual in a game the size of Batman Arkham Knight, but what is interesting with these particular ones, unearthed by YouTube channel Arekkz Gaming, is that they suggest that Rocksteady Studios’ next project could focus around the Superman franchise.

The following video shows three Superman-themed Easter Eggs hidden with Batman Arkham Knight, including a phone call message from Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor, and shows you how to find them.


What’s interesting is that Rocksteady has been very vocal about Batman Arkham Knight being the end of  evelopment on any further Batman games, which means it’s going to turn its talent to a brand new project. With expertise in the super-hero field of videogames, you can easily but two-and-two together and come up with five. Could Rocksteady’s next big project be a Superman game? We certainly hope so.