Crysis 3 cover art released

Crytek has release the official cover art for its third entry into the Crysis series Crysis 3, and, by the looks of it, the primary weapon is blatantly obvious.

The series protagonist Jake "Nomad" Dunn takes the stage on the front cover, and he’s toting the tech-heavy bow and arrow that’s aimed straight for your wallet. This cover art, albeit highly detailed, doesn’t really encompass much of what the game has in store–unless the bow and arrow is all there is to it. Since Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has said that the company plans on expanding into further Crysis titles after this one, it’s only natural to expect more and more from each title. Perhaps, like the cover of Bioshock Infinite, we’ll have more in store in Crysis 3 than what the cover art portrays.

Crysis 3 is set to release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on February 12 in North America and February 22 in Europe. Take a peek at the cover art below; will Crysis 3 be a bigger title than its cover implies?

Via Gaming Blend