Crysis coming for PS3 while 360 falls short

A lot of people were excited about the look and feel of Crysis for the PC. The problem is, most of us couldn’t afford to upgrade our PC’s to play the game. No need to worry though as they have hinted that Crysis will be making an appearance on your PlayStation 3 console.

According to Crytek insiders, the game is going to be a port of the PC version and will include extra game modes and features that the PC version lacks. You could sort of call it an upgrade of the original.

Due to technical reasons, Crysis is not being developed for the XBOX 360. This does nothing but re-inforce the belief that the PS3 is the better console in the long run. We eagerly await more details on this huge title that could only possibly be rivaled by Killzone 2.


*updated*-changed a word so people don’t assume it’s 100% fact yet.