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Current PS4 PlayStation Camera Will Work On PS5, Free Adaptor Will Be Offered For PSVR Users


Sony has announced today that the current PlayStation Camera for PS4 will work on PS5 and that a PlayStation Camera adaptor will be offered to PSVR users for free.

The announcement came on the PlayStation Blog where the company discussed some of the peripheral questions that have been asked about the new console. The final question in that FAQ discussed whether or not the PlayStation Camera will work on the PS5, with sony offering the following response:

Yes, PlayStation Camera will work with PS5 for playing supported PS VR games. It will require a PlayStation Camera adaptor that will be provided at no additional cost to PS VR users. More details on how to get the adaptor will be announced at a later date.

This program seems like a great way to allow people to continue using the technology they already own; however, we don’t know exactly how it will work as theoretically there would be no way for Sony to manually check that you have a PSVR headset plugged into your system. We will likely just have to wait and see. Hopefully, we get some more details soon, maybe shortly after the rumoured August State of Play event.

The PS5 launches this Holiday.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]