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State Of Play August 2020 Event, PS5 Price, Release Date, Preorders, Launch Games, PS Plus – What To Expect

State of Play August PS5 Event

State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event, PS5 Price, PS5 Pre-Orders, PS5 Launch Games, PS5 UI PlayStation Activities, PS5 Backwards Compatibility, PS5 PS Plus, PS5 PS Now – With Sony confirming a State of Play PS5 event, alongside PS4 and PSVR announcements, in August, we’ve got some ideas about what we would expect to see at the event which is tipped to take place on August 6.

State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PS5 Price Details

With the PS5’s holiday 2020 release window just four months away at this point, we would absolutely expect Sony to announce the PS5 price at this event for both the standard PS5 and the PS5 digital only edition.

However, Sony has said not to expect any major PS5 announcements, which means we won’t get the price of the console.

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State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PS5 Release Date, Global Roll-Out Details

In addition to not getting the price, we will likely not be getting a PS5 release date too. We will have to keep hearing Holiday 2020 for a little while longer.

State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PS5 Preorders

Along with the no announcements about the PS5 price and PS5 release date, we should also not expect Sony to officially announce when PS5 preorders will begin. We will have to wait a little while longer.

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State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PS5 Launch Games

With the PS5 releasing just a few short months after this presentation, this would really be the very latest point at which Sony would be able to officially confirm the PS5 launch games.

At the moment, the PS5 launch line-up is looking something like this:



State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – Unannounced PS5 Games, Exclusives

As was evident from the previous State of Play PS5 briefing, Sony confirmed that it still had much more to show in terms of unannounced PS5 games and PS5 exclusives. But, this show will focus on previously announced titles, rather than new games.

State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PS5 UI/UX Reveal

This should also be the stage upon which we get our first look at the PS5 UI and user experience too. While it’s largely expected to look outwardly similar to the trusty PS4 UI, previously unannounced features such as the PlayStation Activities mechanism will also 100% make their debut here, too.

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State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – New PS5 Backwards Compatibility Details

After a bunch of confusing messaging regarding how PS5 backwards compatibility works with PS4 games, Sony needs to not only clear the air from a communications point of view, but also provide folks with some actual PS4 games running in an enhanced form on PS5. Our money is on top PS4 exclusive title The Last of Us Part 2 being showcased at higher resolution and frame rate. Sadly, we also think that Sony will draw a negative line under PS1, PS2 and PS3 backwards compatibility on PS5 also thanks to PlayStation Now.

State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PSVR On PS5

While we don’t expect to hear about PSVR 2 at this point, we would certainly expect to hear how the 5 million plus PSVR users will have their experience enhanced by PS5. This seems like a lock to us.

State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PS Plus On PS5

Essentially the last big media stop before the PS5 releases later this year, Sony will want to outline the changes to the now crusty PlayStation Plus service in order to make it competitive with Microsoft’s Game Pass offering. Simply put, PS Plus on PS5 will likely be very different from what we have now.

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State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – A Better Look At The PS5 Console

This new event should hopefully provide us with a better look at the PS5, allowing us to see the previously undisclosed rear of the console in an effort to discern its full array of ports, while also letting us know if you can change the PS5’s outer shell for cosmetic purposes.

State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PS Now On PS5

Much like PS Plus, PS Now on PS5 will also require a next-gen upgrade. Given that the PS4 wasn’t really equipped to stream gameplay to a standard that many of us expect in 2020, it seems a lock that PS5 will raise the bar significantly higher in this regard. Don’t be surprised if a revamped PS Now ends up being blended into a third tier of PlayStation Plus, also. Likewise, Sony expanding their selection of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on PS Now also seems likely too – and would be a good way to stimulate further interest in the service going forward.

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