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Dauntless PS5 Trophies Revealed In Full, Has 37+ More Than PS4 Version

Fresh on the heels of confirmation that Dauntless will be heading to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S this week, the full list of Dauntless PS5 Trophies have been announced. What’s more, it appears the game has 37 more than the PS4 edition of the game.

Check them out below.

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Wils’ Favourite Slayer! (Platinum)

Collect all Trophies for Dauntless

Behemoth Breaker (Bronze)

Defeat a Behemoth with Every Part Broken

Craft Services (Bronze)

Craft a Weapon from Behemoth Parts

Buy Low, Cell High (Bronze)

Craft an Epic Cell with the Middleman

Can’t Touch This (Bronze)

Complete 100 Perfect Dodges

Have An Ice Day (Bronze)

Slay a Frostback Pangar

Darkness and Light (Silver)

Defeat Shrowd and Rezakiri

Slayer Supreme (Gold)

Reach Mastery Slayer Level 40

Weapon Master (Silver)

Reach Mastery Level 10 in 7 weapons

The Master (Silver)

Complete any Mastery Card

Light The Way (Silver)

Unlock Milestone V on the Slayer’s Path

Veteran Slayer (Gold)

Unlock Milestone XII on the Slayer’s Path

Make Your Marks (Silver)

Emerge Victorious from a Trial

Perfectly Balanced (Silver)

Build a Loadout with 6 Different +6 Perks

Flaming Fists Of Fury (Bronze)

Craft any Blaze Aether Strikers

One, Two, Kaboom (Bronze)

Hit a Behemoth with Titan’s Crash while Tempest Form and Karma Breaker Effects are Active

Fencing Practice (Bronze)

Defeat Tempestborne Stormclaw with a War Pike

On The Up And Up (Bronze)

Complete an Escalation

A Legend In The Making (Silver)

Craft and Bond a Legendary Weapon

…And Stay Down! (Bronze)

Slay Malkarion with a Terra Weapon

Forged In Flame (Bronze)

Craft a Weapon or Piece of Armour from Torgadoro Parts

I Can Do This All Day (Silver)

Reach Level 25 in any Escalation

It Burns (Bronze)

Slay Flameborn Rezakiri

Who’s Laughing Now? (Bronze)

Slay Thrax with the Hammer, Sword, and Chain Blades

Chronicler (Silver)

Make 25 Discoveries

I Have The Antidote (Bronze)

Slay a Sporestruck Charrogg and a Sporestruck Embermane with the Parasitic Perk Equipped

One Of A Kind (Bronze)

Craft an Exotic Weapon or Armour Piece

Mushroom Zap (Bronze)

Slay Agarus with a Shock Weapon

Begin Again (Silver)

Reforge a Weapon Skill

Defender Of The Shattered Isles (Bronze)

Successfully Complete 10 Island Events in the Hunting Grounds

Next Level (Silver)

Equip a Full Set of Power Surged Gear

King Of The Hill (Silver)

Defeat Malkarion, Torgadoro, Thrax, Agarus, Urska, and The Chronovore

Scourge No More (Bronze)

Slay Kaltauga, Scourge of the Skaldish Highlands

Take This For Just What It Is (Bronze)

Discover a Rumour in the Shattered Isles

The Pointy End (Bronze)

Wound an Umbral Behemoth with a Radiant War Pike

Timeless Fashion (Bronze)

Craft a Piece of Timeweave Armour

Out Of Time (Bronze)

Defeat The Chronovore

Omnipowerful (Bronze)

Craft and Equip an Omnicell

Hero of Ostia (Silver)

Complete a Heroic Escalation

A Legendary Foe (Bronze)

Slay Thunderdeep Drask

Ready, Whatever The Weather (Silver)

Craft Repeaters of Every Element

Test Your Mettle (Bronze)

Slay Five Behemoths on The Blazeworks

Faced The Forge (Bronze)

Defeat Phaelanx

What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger (Bronze)

Do 100,000 Total Damage with the Revenant Omnicell

A Week Well Spent (Bronze)

Complete 4 Seasonal Challenges

The Darkest Timeline (Bronze)

Slay Bloodshot Shrowd

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