Dauntless Dauntless update 1.39 News Phoenix Labs PS4

Dauntless Update 1.39 Patch Notes Confirm UI And Gameplay Improvements

Phoenix Labs has polished off the Dauntless update 1.39 patch notes for you to have a butchers at, which you can now download for PS4.

Dauntless Update 1.39 Patch Notes



  • Players can now cancel out of the light attack war pike combo by rolling.


  • Fixed a bug where shooting Agarus’ roots during its aether charged state dealt no damage.



  • Fixed a bug where players could not remount Behemoths.
  • Poison Blood modifier now has a poison visual effect on part breaks.


  • Added more text to the Escalation talent trees to add clarity for passive talents.
  • Slayer Links screen now shows correct rewards for all players.
  • Opening Slayer Links at the end of a hunt no longer removes the end of hunt UI.
  • Spore Problems, No Safe Arbour, and Far and Away quests are now fully translated in all available languages.


  • Audio for Terra Form and Shock Form amps has been lowered and balanced.
  • The distant Sporestruck Embermane roar on Spore Problems is no longer quiet. It is now 110% more intimidating.
  • Improved the level of detail on distant trees in Terra Escalation’s swamp arena.