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Dauntless Update 1.79 Launches With New Dawn Content

Phoenix Labs has polished off the Dauntless update 1.79 patch notes for your consumption, which adds a wealth of new goodies to tuck into as part of the New Dawn challenges.

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With poisonous Behemoths, we found that damage dealt by the attack that caused poisoning usually outweighed the danger of actually being poisoned. Often, Slayers would die from raw damage before the poison meter was filled. This was especially apparent as Behemoth damage scaled to higher levels. We plan to look at the poison status more generally in the future.

  • Sporestruck Charrogg’s poison jets now deal less damage, but increase the poison meter more quickly.

Quality of Life


  • Shortened the length of the impact sound when hitting Behemoths with a Frost weapon.
  • Revised the sound that plays when a Slayer becomes poisoned.
  • Prevented the sound effect that plays during poison build-up from playing too frequently.


  • Added a new Iceborne buff icon to differentiate the Iceborne omnicell buff from the Sturdy perk buff.


  • Bladestorm, Weight Strikes, Knockout King, Barbed, and Sharpened effects that grant a bonus after dodging through an attack now correctly state that the bonus only applies to the next attack within 5 seconds.

Aether Strikers

  • Updated the description of the Cyclonic Strikeplate mod to correctly indicate that it only increases part damage.

Chain Blades

  • Fixed an issue where the Reaper’s Dance slam attack would hit the air above Behemoths.


  • Updated Lightbound Koshai movement animations to remove a hitch that could appear occasionally.
  • Polished trails on Lightbound Koshai’s radiant star projectiles.


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Slayers from getting close to Valomyr’s tail.


  • The Mane Attraction (V) objective “Kill Agarus with a terra weapon in under 15 minutes” now works as intended. Still not easy.


  • Fixed an issue where challenge progress made during the first half of the New Dawn season was not displaying after the launch of 1.9.3.
  • Fixed an issue where daily challenges that called for Escalation completion would list incorrect difficulties.
  • The Selective Slayer: Drask challenge now correctly counts kills of any Drask.

Hunting Grounds

  • Patched up some holes in the ground and added more polish to Conundrum Rocks.
  • Improved performance while in encounters on this island.
  • Re-added a lost lore node. Here’s a hint: It’s a secret.
  • Fixed an issue where rings from the aether wind glider challenge could pop into view far away from the island.
  • Fixed an issue where the aether wind reward crystal could appear briefly for players who did not complete the track.


  • Fixed an issue where some collectibles floated above ground.
  • FIxed an issue where a collectible was buried beneath a rock.


  • Fixed some instances of clipping for the Gleaming Battlesuit chest transmog and the Gleaming Palm arm transmog.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Hunt Pass music to stop playing in the Hunt Pass menu after some time.


  • Rumour, bounty, quest, and challenge objectives will no longer be rounded up and appear to be complete when they are not.
  • Fixed incorrect formatting in the Artificer omnicell’s active description.
  • Fixed many instances of incorrect formatting in translated rumour, bounty, quest, and challenge objectives.
  • Fixed an incorrect pluralization of Lightbound Koshai in quest text. One Koshai. Many Koshai.
  • Fixed a number of low-resolution icons.

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