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Dauntless Update 2.03 Patch Notes Reveal Gauntlet Season 4 Goodies

Phoenix Labs has lifted the wraps off the Dauntless update 2.03 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which adds support for the game’s Gauntlet Season 4 content. Have a butcher’s at the full Dauntless patch notes below!

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Gauntlet Season 4

Gauntlet Season 4 arrives with a myriad of levels, complete with new and returning modifiers. Toxic Shields is a brand-new modifier which causes you to lose the equivalent in health whenever you gain shields.

Gauntlet cycles are now 16 levels instead of 20. This means that the rewards you earn every 5 levels will not be distributed on the same set of encounters every cycle.

Earn new weapon trackers from the Research Lab, and climb the Gauntlet leaderboard to secure brand-new exclusive titles this season, such as Elemental Conqueror, Elemental Scion, and more! You can learn more about Gauntlet Hunts here.

New Cells

Three new themed cells are available in the Research Lab this season.

Impulse: Gain 10% increased movement speed. Critical hit damage is increased by a percentage for every percentage of increased movement speed, benefitting from up to 50% increased movement speed.
Inertia: While sprinting, build up to a percentage of increased critical chance over 4 seconds. This critical chance lasts for 2 seconds or until critical damage is dealt.
Conservation: Losing bonus movement speed grants an increasing number of shields for every 5% movement speed lost. This effect cannot happen more than once every 2 seconds.

If you haven’t gotten the Earth, Water, and Fire cells from Season 3, you can use your leftover crests from Season 3 for a guaranteed +1 cell from the Last Chance tab of the Research Lab. After two weeks, the Season 3 cells will no longer be available for direct redemption. They will only appear in random core drops thereafter.


The Orrery scientists and Krolachi shamans return to the Shattered Isles with battle-ready weapons and mystical armour.

Unlock the Orrery Scientists cosmetic Hunt Pass to earn state-of-the-art Orrery gear, or harness the wisdom of Krolachi shamans with the mystic rewards in the Shamanic Wisdom cosmetic Hunt Pass.

Reward Cache

The Reward Cache has been refreshed with new items to earn. Collect the new currency of Cache coins and redeem them for the frosty Polar-themed armour set, the Paladin’s armour set, the complete Frostform weapon set, and more!

Bug Fixes


  • Koshai axe and hammer descriptions now correctly reflect that they gain 1 stack of increased damage normally, and 2 stacks when power-surged.
  • Alyra weapon icons will no longer remain when changing loadouts.
  • Gnasher weapon unique effect will no longer remain active when changing loadouts.
  • Serrated Blades will now be removed if Slayers change loadouts while it is active.


  • Fixed an issue where the Unshakable modifier was preventing part breaks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Vitality modifier was killing Behemoths when parts are wounded instead of broken.

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