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Days Gone: Our Sneak Preview of Sony’s New Exclusive IP

One of the highlights of Sony’s E3 2016 presser was the debut of Days Gone, a new exclusive IP from Bend Studio. These are the folks behind Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Resistance Retribution–a PlayStation mainstay without a major IP to call its own.

That changes with Days Gone. Set in the Pacific Northwest two years after a mutating pandemic breaks out, Days Gone puts Deacon St. John, a former biker gang rider, into survival situations as he chases bounty targets.

In the E3 demo, Deacon chases his target, Two Dog, through an abandoned sawmill before becoming overwhelmed by "freakers," this game’s zombie equivalent. Our extended, behind-closed-doors demo featured extra navigation, showcasing how Deacon must use the environment to put distance between himself and the horde that will eventually outrun and overpower him.

We have a lot of questions about Days Gone, and Bend Studio was able to offer some answers. Here’s our full breakdown of our E3 sneak preview: