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Dead Cells Update 1.14 Patch Notes Confirmed

The Dead Cells update 1.14 patch notes have been unleashed by developer Motion Twin, with the update now available to download for PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One versions of the game.

Dead Cells Update 1.14 Patch Notes

  • DLC Fix : The Gardener dropping infinite keys and blueprints
  • Fix : Blowgunner error
  • Fix : Ninja skin had messed colors
  • Fix : custom mode crashes
  • DLC Change : Change dlc doors generation
  • Fix : game sometimes crashed while loading save file
  • UI : Removed modal window explaning the old save will not be accessible once upgraded to new game version.
  • DLC : glow lamps and transitions level rework
  • DLC : Make mushroom bois rollage when launched
  • DLC : After teleport, friendly Hardy will follow the hero
  • Fix : ShareComboWeapon
  • DLC Fix : using Grenade on Mama tick does not lock hero anymore
  • Fix : Smoke bomb damages should not be melee
  • Fix : Carnivorous plant improvements
  • Improvements : Blowgunner AI has been improved
  • Fix : Fugitives hovering above ground
Dead Cells update 1.14 patch notes

Dead Cells was released for PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One back in August 2018, and takes the form a retro-style Metroidvania adventure game. Motion Twin took inspiration from The Binding of Isaac during its production.

Motion Twin recently announced that the game had sold over 2.4 million copies worldwide, with sales of the Switch version in particular being very strong.

Here’s what the studio had to say about its plans for the game going forward:

On the content front, anyone playing on the BC1+ difficulties will notice that we’re kind of at a moment where the monsters repeat themselves a little bit. We’re planning on changing this by building out a bunch of new creatures and replacing some of the more tired types with biome specific beasts, to keep you on your toes, you know… This will obviously mean new weapons will drop on each of these monsters, so stacks of content.

Source: Twisted Voxel