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Dead Island 2, Saints Row 5, Metro, And TimeSplitters Won’t Be Showcased At E3 2021 This Year

Publishing giant Deep Silver has moved to seriously cool expectations for parent company Koch Media’s E3 2021 showcase, confirming Dead Island 2, Saints Row 5, Metro and TimeSplitters won’t be appearing at Summer Games Fest or any other E3-related events this year.

It had been speculated that Dead Island 2 and Saints Row 5 would be shown in some form at E3 2021, although the fact a new Metro or TimeSplitters won’t be there isn’t too surprising. The latter in particular was always likely a no-show, since it’s only just been announced.

Koch Media’s showcase takes place on June 11 as part of the Summer Game Fest, which is home to a number of streams and reveals from various publishers across the industry.

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This is obviously a bit of a blow for those who were expecting news on those major franchises, and we’re at a loss as to what will be showcased now. Still, there’s room for plenty of surprises, so we’ll just have to wait and see.