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Dead Space 2 Remake Possibly Hinted At In Dead Space Remake Easter Egg

EA Motive Studio has seemingly hinted that a Dead Space 2 Remake could be on the cards, in the shape of an Easter egg featured in its recently-launched Dead Space Remake.

Once you’ve finished the game, you can fire up a New Game Plus and find a new series of text logs that were not featured in the first playthrough. The describe a “decommissioning” that’s happening in the next year, with two characters revealing they’re looking for employment opportunities.

The pair then talk about working on Titan’s Sprawl which is of course the location of Dead Space 2. This could simply be a way of working in references to future Dead Space games in the remake. Still, we can hope that there will be a remake of 2, as it’s a cracking game in its own right.

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Dead Space Remake came out on Friday and you can read our full review here. EA Motive confirmed over the weekend that it’s working on a fix for the game’s PS5 VRS issues.

[Source – GameSpot]