GamesCom 2013 News

Dead Space: EA ‘still has faith’ in the franchise

EA Games Labels chief Frank Gibeau has said the publishing giant still has faith in the Dead Space franchise.

“No it’s not out of rotation,” Gibeau told CVG at Gamescom. “I mean, I’m not announcing anything right now, but I will stay we had a great trilogy of games and we still have faith in that franchise.”

“Dead Space is something that we’re very proud of,” he continued. “We are not making any public announcement on what we’re doing with the next Dead Space, but we definitely have a great set of IPs to pull out of the vault.”

Concerns over the brand reared their head earlier this year with the release of Dead Space 3, which made several questionable additions – including the inclusion of co-op and emphasis on action – while failing to match sales expectations.

Rumors soon surfaced that a new entry was in development and had been subsequently canned as a result of Dead Space 3’s poor sales. However, these reports were soon debunked.

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