Dead Space user base stands at 3 million

Visceral Games’ Glen Schofield has revealed that around three million gamers have played survival horror outing Dead Space – that’s double the amount of customers who actually purchased the game brand new.

Speaking in an Electronic Arts podcast, Schofield commented, "… we also did studies on sort of how many unique users there were on the PSN network and Xbox Live. And realized, you know what, there’s over three million people that have played Dead Space.”

The reason for this, says Schofield, is the used games market. "Maybe we’ve only sold 1.5 million or whatever the number is. But there’s something there because that means that, OK, there were a lot of used sales. So there’s a lot of people when I go out and talk to [them]… it seems that everybody has played it or heard about it or whatever."

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