Death Stranding dev makes story comparisons to The Great Escape


Hideo Kojima has teased a fresh Death Stranding update, revealing the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive action game is based around ‘creating connections’ and ‘protecting life.’

Death Stranding story inspired by The Great Escape

Speaking during an interview with Glixel, the Metal Gear creator delved into his process behind making games and the movies that have inspired him, notably standouts such as The Great Escape and Dunkirk, which he describes as ‘war moves without conflict.’

The legendary game designer note that in The Great Escape, “killing your enemies with guns is not the answer. Escape is a form of resistance.” In fact, the theme of escape was one of the primary inspirations behind the original 1987 Metal Gear, as the technology at the time didn’t allow Kojima-san to go for an all-out war title.

He added: “We are still awash in a flood of games where defeating enemies is the focus. It’s time for video games to achieve their Dunkirk, their Great Escape. Dunkirk, The Great Escape and Metal Gear, they all tell us that victory isn’t defeating your enemies, but protecting life.”

It’s this philosophy that Kojima is adopting for Death Stranding, although in typical fashion, he wasn’t able to provide any more details on the much-anticipated title.

Death Stranding release date

Announced during E3 2016 by Kojima himself on stage, Death Stranding will launch at some point before 2019 for the PS4, though an exact launch window has yet to be confirmed.

The game will star Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame and feature appearances by Guillermo Del Toro and Mads Mikkelson, though Del Toro won’t have any creative input in the project.

Not much is known about the game’s plot right now, although Kojima has said that the game will not likely feature multiple endings. Despite the fact Death Stranding is still some way off, the game won’t end up being released for PS5, though a sequel hasn’t been ruled out. 

Source: VideoGamer