Death Stranding Kojima Productions News Trailer

Death Stranding Release Date Announced

Death Stranding release date leak

One of the hottest commodities this console generation is coming from Kojima Productions in the form of Death Stranding.

Death Stranding Release Date

Kojima’s next big title, Death Stranding, is set to launch November 8, 2019.

A great deal arrived with this trailer. One environment sees Norman Reedus’ character, Sam Bridges, trudging through snow. Another scene has him traversing the vast landscape in a motorcycle; that’ll be an interesting dichotomy, considering the Death Stranding seem to respond to sound.

A few in-game mechanics appeared as well. One seemed reminiscent of Fortnite, as Sam Bridges uses a pop-up HUD to generate ladders and ropes. These allow him to pass over gaps and climb from great heights. Combat also found its way into the trailer.

A few characters return for this trailer, including Léa Seydoux’s character as well as Troy Baker’s Man in The Golden Mask.

A new featured track also finds its way into the trailer called “Path,” by Apocalyptica.

Hideo Kojima has such a knack for showmanship, and his Death Stranding reveal was no exception. Hiding the trailer behind a filter that showed more as the reveal neared created such palpable suspense..