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Destiny 2 Dev Says It Has ‘No Intention’ To Abandon The Series Regardless Of How Well Marathon Performs

Destiny 2 fans have been concerned that developer Bungie may turn its back on the shared-world shooter franchise in wake of its plans to revive the Marathon series, but the studio has said this won’t be the case regardless of how it performs.

Concerns were raised among fans not only over fears it Marathon would affect development of Destiny 2, but also because the new game supports dedicated servers — something which Destiny fans have been after for some time now. However, Bungie was quick to quell worries by responding to a thread on Reddit:

We have no intention of abandoning Destiny; like most studios that support multi-IPs at the same time, we intend to do the same as them.

You could argue about the support model we have now, which is fair criticism, but we’re working to be better. Much like how D1 and D2 was in the first year, if we see that the market wants something more and/or something different, we will course-correct as needed.

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While we’re on the subject of Destiny 2, Bungie announced recently that it will be hosting a showcase for the game on August 22, where we’ll be getting fresh details on the upcoming The Final Shape expansion.

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