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Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Hit With Layoffs

Bungie is the latest studio in 2023 to enact staff layoffs, with some developers already coming forward to announce they’ve been laid off, though we don’t yet know the full scope of how many people and which departments are affected.

The layoff was first reported from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who tweeted that the layoffs were coming, and that the studio would have a “team meeting” to discuss “some news today coming out of Bungie.”

There’s not yet been any official word from the Destiny 2 studio, but based on the developers who have spoken up, it seems like no one was safe in this layoff, and both senior and junior developers have been let go.

Jason Guisao, the now former franchise editor has been laid off, and social media lead Griffin Bennett who had been with the studio for more than 5 years.

Former Game Informer editor Liana Ruppert who only in 2021 joined as a community manager and co-lead on accessibility for Destiny 2 at Bungie was also laid off, along with 10-year veteran and former senior support manager Jason Larsen.

While 2023 has been a great year for players, considering some of the best games we’ve seen in decades all releasing this year, but it’s been awful for the industry where layoffs appear to be happening far too consistently.

Hopefully all those effected by layoffs at Bungie and elsewhere are able to land on their feet.

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