Destiny 2 glimmer cap confirmed, and it’s bigger than Destiny 1


The Destiny 2 glimmer cap has been officially confirmed, and the good news is that Bungie has made some improvements in regards to the amount of currency you can hold in comparison to the original game.

Those of you who have a lot of experience with Destiny 1 will recall the frustration at being limited to just 25,000 glimmer in the shared-world shooter. 

However, that’s all changed for the sequel, with Destiny 2 allowing you to hold four times the amount of glimmer, meaning you can fit 100,000 of the blue stuff in your pockets. 

As with the previous game, glimmer in Destiny 2 is used to purchase a variety of goods, including weapons and armor from in-game vendors, although they’re nothing special, usually coming in at Common and Rare flavours. 

In addition, glimmer is also utilised to infuse various items, with the amount required depending on how large the leap is on the weapon/armor piece you want to infuse. 

Glimmer is obtained in various ways, usually by killing enemies or looting chests. Like the original Destiny, the currency is plentiful, and you won’t likely find yourself hurting for glimmer during your intergalactic adventures. 

Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out some of our guides to get you started.

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