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Destiny 2 Hidden Quests and Secret Missions Revealed

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Bungie has confirmed that upcoming development updates for Destiny 2 will be free for all players, and hidden quests and secret missions will be added!

Though core fans have been enjoying their time in Destiny 2, player count has dropped drastically since launch, so Bungie are pulling some tricks out of the hat to rouse interest again and keep existing players happy.

Destiny 2 Hidden Quests Coming in Future Update

One of those new features will be the introduction of hidden quests and secret missions to the sci-fi shooter. These were features that fans of the original Destiny loved.

Rather than being set quests where you had to follow certain objectives, the hidden quests were buried in the game. Consequently, they had to be discovered, allowing you to unlock some great loot, such as the Black Spindle and Outbreak Prime.

A fan on Twitter asked Bungie game developer, Christopher Barett about secret missions.

“Will there ever be hidden quests like black spindle or outbreak prime again? Those types of quests are nonexistent in D2 and they were brilliant.”

Barret replied with a resounding “yup”.

How Destiny 2 Hidden Quests May Work

To give you an understanding on how Destiny 2's hidden quests may work, the Black Spindle in Destiny was gained by unlocking an alternative ending to the Lost to Light Heroic Mission. Players did this by taking a different route near the end of the mission without dying to trigger a timed mission to kill all of the Taken. To get your hands on Outbreak Prime it was far more complicated and difficult to work out.

The beauty of this type of quest is that players don't know how to trigger them and unlock the loot. It's about exploring the world and trying new things to find these secret missions for exotic loot.

While some fans are happy to see Hidden Quest returning to Destiny 2, like this guy:

Others are still annoyed that features like this, and others, didn’t appear in the first place.