Destiny 2 launch trailer reminds you a war is coming

Destiny 2 is but a few weeks away, and Activision just released the Destiny 2 launch trailer to build up hype even more. As is the case with sequels, prepare for new areas to explore, new gameplay mechanics to be introduced and just more of what everyone loved about the first one. 

Watch the Destiny 2 launch trailer to see some of the story that’s about to unfold in the sequel. It might not have that much gameplay, but at least we’re getting a lot of cinematic exposition.

Humanity has fallen. Villainous Dominus Ghaul has arrived on Earth with his Red Legion army to lay claim to the power he believes he alone is worthy to wield. Rally with the remaining survivors and rise up to defeat Ghaul before all is lost.

You can read up on more Destiny 2 story details right here. We’ve also reported on the Destiny 2 pre-load date just in case you want everything sorted before launch day.

Destiny 2 will be released this September 6 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC version following a month after on October 24.