Destiny 2 preload for PS4 soon as Xbox One players miffed by file size

destiny 2 preload

Set this date in your diary Guardians for the Destiny 2 preload on PS4.

The start date for the Destiny 2 preload has officially been confirmed ahead of the full launch on September 6, 2017. September 3  is the preload date for those who have pre-ordered (as you can see from our screenshot below from an official pre-order by one of our Senior Editors). 

However, Bungie has stated on Twitter that the PS4 preload is next week, so it could be available sooner.

Meanwhile, those who have ordered Destiny 2 on Xbox One can currently download the game. It’s reported that the file size is 29.15GB, which conflicts with reports that the file size should actually be 68GB as detailed on the official site. So, have Xbox One owners got half the game client to keep them happy and will have to wait to download more data pre-launch? The file size of the original Destiny game was 40GB.

destiny 2 preload time

If you’ve bought the game in advance, you can find this page by going to your library and clicking on purchases. Find Destiny 2, and you can then select the auto-download box so that Destiny 2 will be on your HD on September 3.

Why you should preload Destiny 2

This will give those who have pre-ordered the chance to download Destiny 2 ahead of release to ensure the game is on their PS4 hard drives and ready for action when the game launches a couple of days later. Essentially, this saves vital time on launch day waiting for a big download, and allows those who have pre-ordered the game to play immediately from midnight PST on September 6.

The Destiny 2 PS4 file size is supposed to be 68GB so it’s going to take a fair while to download!

Preorders are currently in full swing and will give players access to the Destiny 2 beta, which begins on July 18 and runs until July 23, 2017. Full details of what will be in the beta have yet to be revealed, though we do know that Destiny 2 will have plenty of exclusive content at launch.

Alongside an exclusive strike, exotic weapon and ship, PS4 players can look forward to an exclusive PvP mode called Retribution.

Destiny 2’s story follows the events in Rise of Iron, the second major DLC expansion for Bungie’s shooter, which followed the release of The Taken King.

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