Destiny 2 subclasses clue may be hidden in hats

The Destiny 2 subclasses are still unknown, but new merchandise for Bungie’s sci-fi shooter sequel may offer some clues.

Ahead of the official Destiny 2 gameplay live stream next week, Gamestop has launched a new range of Destiny 2 hat which sport a variety of designs that don’t look familiar.

Could this be our first hint at the new Destiny 2 subclasses?

The hats are due for release on the 29 July. Check them out. There’s the Hunter, Titan and Warlock Loaded hats, confirming that these will be the main classes coming to Destiny 2.

What’s interesting is that each hat sports an animal symbol. Whether this refers to new subclasses or something completely different is unknown.

destiny 2 hunter hat for guardians

destiny 2 classes

destiny 2 release date

There’s also rumors going around that Bungie may ditch the Light Levels from the first game, though it looks like we’ll have to wait until the big gameplay reveal on May 18 before we find out more.

Source: Gamerant