Destiny 2 teaser revealed as Bungie gets set for release news


Bungie has officially teased Destiny 2 with a new promotional image (shown above) for its hotly anticipated shared-world shooter follow-up, simultaneously flattening rumors that the game would carry the subtitle of ‘Forge of Hope.’

Sadly the image wasn’t accompanied with the Destiny 2 release date confirmation, although if you look hard enough it does give us a few clues regarding the game’s story. You’ll notice that the Traveller is surrounded by a burning city, which gives credence to previous reports that the title will focus on an attack by the Cabal on humanity’s last stronghold. 

Last week a number of promotional materials leaked from GameStop Italy, which revealed that Bungie is planning a Destiny 2 beta with early access to PS4 users. In addition, it seemingly confirmed that the game will be released in early September, which puts it out around the same time as the original 2014 title and its various expansion packs.

Bungie has confirmed that your Destiny characters will not fully transfer over to the sequel; your race and appearance will remain, but any weapons, gear and Eververse purchases you have obtained from the original game will not carry over. Pleasingly, publisher Activision has said that Destiny 2 will not suffer from the same content droughts that plagued the original game following its initial launch.

Rumors have already popped up suggesting that Bungie is already planning the game’s first major expansion, which is scheduled to roll out in fall 2018. Presumably, Destiny 2 will be supplemented with a number of smaller updates and add-ons in the meantime, although nothing official has been confirmed at this point. 

In other Destiny news, Age of Triumph, the last live event for the current game releases this week bringing with it new weekly rituals and loot boxes.