Destiny Age of Triumph release time confirmed as we countdown to launch

destiny age of triumph release

Destiny Age of Triumph is the final hurrah for Bungie’s polarizing shared-world shooter, with all eyes turning to the upcoming Destiny 2 release later this year. However, before we bid farewell to our beloved Guardians from the original game (they won’t transfer fully over to the sequel, in case you didn’t know), there’s still plenty to get excited about for the next few months for Destiny fans.

Destiny Age of Triumph price

Unlike previous expansion such as The Dark Below and The Taken King, Age of Triumph is a free online title update for Destiny that introduces a wealth of extra features, including the most comprehensive record book released to date. In addition, there’s a host of new gear on offer for all existing Raids that have been brought up to the current Light Level, plus new missions and more. In other words, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into between now and Destiny 2’s launch.

Bungie has confirmed the Destiny Age of Triumph release time as follows: 10.00 am PDT/ 1.00 pm EDT/ 6.00 pm BST/ 7.00 pm CEST. 

Destiny Age of Triumph countdown to release

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As a result of the update however, the Destiny weekly reset has been delayed. Oh, and keep an eye out for the error known as Sheep; this is confirmation that a member of your fireteam has not yet downloaded the update. 

Bungie recently unveiled the first official Destiny 2 promotional artwork, with the game currently in development for PS4 and Xbox One. The game is rumored to launch in early September and will be preceded by a beta with early access for PS4 players.