Destiny dev explains lack of 60fps for PS4 and Xbox One

The developer behind the hotly anticipated Destiny has shed light on why the shooter won’t support 60fps for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Due out this fall, the ambitious online-based blast-’em-up will clock in at 1080p on both formats, though will run at 30fps.

However, speaking with VentureBeat, Bungie’s Senior Environment Artist, Jason Sussman, said that the former Halo developer opted for a lower frame rate in order to maintain parity across all consoles in terms of performance.

“It’s a lot of different things,” said Sussman.. “I could get really technical, but I’d bore you to death. A lot has to do with performance. We’re cross-platform, so we had to be very delicate with all four consoles, making sure they have the same experience, that it looks as good as it possibly can on all these consoles. A lot goes into that, from geometry to textures to post effects to particles to how many players you get on the screen. We’re always balancing that out to make sure everyone gets the same experience.”

Destiny is due out in September for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The game picked up our award for E3 Best Multiplayer last week, so check out what we had to say here. Also, be sure to have a butcher’s at our E3 impressions while you’re at it.

Sony recently said that it expects Destiny to be one of PS4’s main system sellers. Check out the latest screenshots here.

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