Destiny Halloween event guide – Festival of the Lost

Remember last year’s Halloween celebrations in Destiny? No, neither do we. That’s probably because it was about as memorable as a slap on the face; all Bungie really did was give players a themed piece of gear to wear, which was fun for about five minutes before the novelty wore off and we craved something a little more substantial to mark the spookiest night of the year. 

Evidently, the former Halo developer is acutely aware that last year’s efforts fell rather flat, and as such has introduced something far more exciting for 2015’s Halloween festivities: say hello to the Festival of the Lost. Aside from decorating the tower, the event has a series of missions for you to take on, and involves Eva Levante and Tess Everis, who will get you started on your Halloween-themed shenanigans. The event runs until November 9, so you may want to get your skates on so you don’t miss out.

Here’s the full lowdown on the Festival of the Lost.

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Every Halloween should let you dress up, and now you can look like Xur! Let’s get started….

Okay Guardians, let’s get you started. First of all, you can’t do Halloween without dressing up, so you’ll need a mask to get you started. Fortunately, Tess has you covered, as she’s flogging treasure bags for 200 Silver, and you’ll net yourself a discount for buying multiple bags at once. Each bag contains a Legendary Mask for you to try on, including famous faces such as Xur, Petra, Rahool, Atheon, Oryx, and more. 

In order to complete the quests available for the Halloween-theme event, you will need to get your hands on masks of the following: The Speaker, The Traveler, Tiger, Cryptarch, Atheon, and Crota. In addition to the above, the treasure bags may also contain Paper Glue (an upgrade material letting you boost a Rare mask to Legendary status), Jackolyte, Flights of the Shadows (this will change our respawn look for 24 hours), Festival of the Lost Candy (put towards a new mask), and Paper Scraps (these can be exchange for more masks) and a Skull Mask.

Tips on how to farm those sweet masks…

Duplicate masks can be broken down to reward you with Paper Scraps, allowing you to exchange them for a new mask by visiting Eva. You’ll need four scraps in total to do this. Apart from that, filling your Empty Candy Satchel is the best way to acquire masks, which you can do by farming kills. Every time you hand in a full satchel you can grab a new mask. Make sure you wear a mask while killing enemies though, as this is the only way to obtain the candy needed to fill your satchel. Also, remember to use Paper Glue to turn your Rare masks into Legendary items, allowing you to keep them.

Quests available

The Masks We Wear: Finish a Heroic Strike while wearing a mask of The Speaker and defeat a member of the Court of Oryx summoned by a Stolen Rune while dressed up as The Traveler. 

Playing Pretend: Beat three public events wearing the Tiger mask, obtain 10 engrams while dressed as the Cryptarch, and fall off the edge of the tower while wearing the Atheon mask.

Face Off: Wear the Crota mask and earn 30 kills in the crucible 

Get in the Halloween spirit with these funky new dance moves….

Boo (300 Silver)

Monster Dance (500 Silver)

Zombie Dance (700 Silver, exclusive to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Destiny)

Other goodies to supplement your Halloween festivities…

Salty Engram

Sugary Engram

Sour Engram

Tiny Box of Raisins 

Fruit Motes

Glimmer Chew

Void Fizz