Destiny has been remade as a 2D retro platformer, Project Tiger

Destiny has made its name as one of the most popular modern first-person shooters on PlayStation 4, with an intensely loyal fanbase that continues to plug away at Bungie’s shared-world shooter nearly two years after an admittedly patchy launch. 

With the developer celebrating its 25th anniversary, Destiny naturally plays an integral part in the festivities, with Bungie unveiling the second annual Destiny’s Moments of Triumph event. 

However, one fan has clearly been thinking that Destiny would make a killer retro 2D platformer, and has only gone and cobbled together a makeshift title featuring a Titan exploring earth and battles against enemy forces, before squaring off with a Servitor boss. Sounds pretty cool, right? 

Fortunately, Project Tiger, as it’s known as, is also fully playable for your own entertainment, with the game available to download on Mac and PC

Have a butcher’s at Project Tiger in action below.