Destiny players already uncover new ‘loot cave’

No sooner after developer Bungie had issued a patch which, amongst other fixes, nerfed the exploit known of the ‘loot cave’ within Destiny – where gamers could farm for experience and gear – a new one has already been uncovered.

And it’s all thanks to the keen-eyed folk over at PS4Trophies who figured out that if you travel to Rocketyard within the Earth map and bring a scope-based weapon there’s an area that’ll allow you to farm engrams till your heart’s content.

The new ‘loot cave’ can be done solo if desired and also has the same 6-second timer that was found in the original cave.

Here’s a rundown of how to do it – courtesy of PS4Trophies.


Are you still playing Destiny? Will you be using the new loot cave exploit for your levelling up? Let us know in the comments section below.