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Destruction AllStars Team Says PS5 Allowed Them To Make An Experience That ‘Felt Real And Wasn’t Just Smoke And Mirrors’

Lucid Games, the developer behind PS5’s Destruction AllStars, has revealed in a new interview with the PlayStation Blog how Sony’s powerhouse console has allowed the team to create things that weren’t previously possible on older hardware.

The team touched on a variety of topics, although Chad Wright, the game’s technical director, said that one of the key aspects that PS5 afforded the studio is that of an interactive experience that felt real and wasn’t all ‘smoke and mirrors.’

Wright highlighted the horsepower of the PS5 in terms of CPU and super-fast load times, which meant Lucid Games didn’t have to hardly compromise on its initial vision for Destruction AllStars. In particular, he spoke of how detailed the vehicles are in the game which all feature damageable parts.

The cars themselves are very highly detailed too, with many damageable parts that can rattle and flap about and detach on-impact.

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Being able to simulate all of this on top of everything else really adds to the gameplay experience, meaning the players can create some truly memorable moments of carnage with epic pile-ups, cars deforming and exploding into so many parts, wheels and doors bouncing off you as you plough through a field of opponents – we really wanted to create an interactive experience that felt real and wasn’t just smoke and mirrors – PS5 lets us do that.

Destruction AllStars was released for the PS5 as part of the February 2021 PS Plus free games lineup, and you can read our verdict here.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]