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Destruction AllStars Tech Analysis Reveals Dynamic Resolution And 60 FPS Target, With Noticeable Framedrops In Gridfall And Carnado Modes

Destruction AllStars came out for PS5 just a few days ago, and the folks at Digital Foundry have put the game through its paces to see how the game delivers from a technical perspective.

For starters, the game utilises dynamic resolution scaling and averages at around 1600p. The minimum resolution clocks in at 1296p while the maximum hits 1836p, or 85% of 4K. In terms of performance, it targets 60 FPS but has some noticeable dips when it comes to the modes Gridfall and Carnado, so it’s not uncommon to see drops to high/mid 40s.

You can check out the video for yourself below.

Destruction AllStars is now available for the PS5 via the February 2021 PS Plus free games lineup, and you can read what we thought of the game our full verdict. Recently, developer Lucid Games said that it’s looking into fixing the game’s mic and muting problems.

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For the time being, there is a workaround that you can employ if it’s really starting to become an issue.

[Source – Digital Foundry]