Devil May Cry PS4 Rumors

Has Devil May Cry 5 development just reached its ‘climax’?

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Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno has provided numerous brief updates over the last 12 month about his new project, which is rumored to be either Dragon's Dogma 2 or Devil May Cry 5.

Prior to E3 2017, the developer stated that he wasn't ready to announce anything, but the project was progressing smoothly.

Rewind to four years ago, and it was common knowledge that Itsuno wanted to make a sequel to Devil May Cry. He spoke openly in a Japanese interview about the future, stating:

I want to also make a miniature garden simulation, as well as make more games for (established) series such as “Rival Schools 3” and “Devil May Cry 5.” Later on, I would even like to make a game that captures authentic fighting and, such as Street Fighter II did, to develop a new genre of fighting games.”

In his latest update, via Twitter, Itsuno has provided another teaser. “”Happy new year!,” he wrote. “I am sorry that I can not present a new project last year. The development of the project is now under climax. I am making a great game so please expect it.”

A Devil May Cry 5 release date or announcement was expected at PSX 2017, but never materialized. We've speculated that this was due to the launch of the Devil May Cry HD Collection which is due to be released in March.

There's been plenty of rumors of a fifth game in the Devil May Cry series for a couple of years. Two of the actors from the last game appeared in motion-capture suits on Facebook, while another actor listed Devil May Cry 5 on his resume before it was swiftly pulled.

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