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Dino Crisis Content Could Come To Exoprimal, If Enough Players Want It, According To Capcom

When Exoprimal was announced, Dino Crisis fans everywhere did a double take. Why wasn’t Capcom just releasing a new Dino Crisis game? What’s this new Exoprimal thing?

Now that we’ve come to Exoprimal’s release, it’s shown some quality, as a co-op shooter that goes at least part of the way to fill the Dino Crisis void, while being a fun time with friends if you’ve got them.

However it seems that Capcom’s willingness to return to Dino Crisis is potentially more than it already seemed, as game director Takuro Hiraoka says in a recent interview that the door isn’t closed to Dino Crisis content, it’s whether or not fans actually want to see it in Exoprimal.

“Leviathan is the type of entity that will go to any means to collect a variety of useful combat data. If there’s enough demand from the players, Leviathan very well could make this a reality.”

To be fair to Hiraoka, his coy use of replacing “Capcom” with Exoprimal’s insane artificial intelligence “Leviathan” does seem like the kind of hint-hint-nudge-nudge thing that could imply Dino Crisis content is actually coming, but that’s just a guess.

At the very least we do know that Capcom is willing to bring its other IP to Exoprimal, with Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter collaborations on the way.

Hopefully this means that Dino Crisis content is coming, as it would only feel right for Exoprimal to acknowledge what came before in the ever-expanding dinosaur shooting genre.

Source – [SiliconEra via VGC]