Disgaea 5 tips to unlock platinum trophy and boost XP

After recently reviewing Disgaea 5, and playing way too much of the tactical role-playing game on PS4 during the past few weeks, I thought I would share some tips and try to save you some time on your quest for the platinum trophy.

From the initial play-through, I managed to unlock around half of the trophies, but most of those weren’t the tough ones. A few more trophies can be earned through the Carnage World, the post-game primary campaign.

disgaea 5 platinum trophy guide

After you beat the game (I was around level 130 with my primary fighters), focus on the Item World with your strongest item until you’re strong enough to start all of the new quests and challenge maps you received. Turning in the quests will yield new bills in the Dark Assembly, unlocking a new quest-line which can be followed through to the Carnage Dimension. The “new” area is comprised mostly of tougher versions of old maps. The gear you can pick up (also largely recycled from earlier) is going to make yours obsolete quickly.

Boosting XP

The best spot to farm for experience is the final martial training map, which houses a group of Lucky Boards, which can’t be killed unless their HP is dropped in a single attack. It will take a lot of work to get to the point where you can kill one, but then you’re a short grind away from the Carnage World. For reference, I was around level 900 with most of my top 10 fighters when I was able to squeak past all of the prerequisite quests. However, I was closer to 2500 with three or four before I could beat the three Carnage intro maps. The extra allies you pick up in the post-game are a huge help. And if you’re still struggling, extracting stats from prisoners can give you a little extra stat boost.

disgaea 5 tips

Here are some ways to increase your XP gains on the martial training map, and eventually go for the max character level trophy:

· Adjust the settings in the cheat shop. You can get up to 850% extra XP here. Also, change the enemy difficulty setting as you get stronger, for progressive boosts.

· Call the Strategy Assembly for the triple XP bill.

· Equip your netherworld with a %50 XP buff and summon it before your fight (parts can be found through research or from invading netherworlds in the Item World).

· Use an XP potion as the main ingredient in your daily curry buff.

· Use Magicchange abilities or team attacks to grant XP to multiple fighters.

· Slot statistician Innocents into your gear for an extra boost. When it’s being multiplied thousands of times over, every little bit helps (as far as I know, gains are exponentially cumulative)!

· Focus on leveling your strongest fighters first: once they are higher, you can recruit stronger allies.

· To raise weak allies, assign them to the Boot Camp squad and put one of your stronger fighters as the leader. Face the Martial Trial with him/her to quickly power up your other fighters until they can fend for themselves. Raise the squad level to increase the amount of XP received.

Character World

My primary use for this feature is to increase the movement capabilities of my fighters. But the extra stats are nice, especially at the later levels. A trophy can be earned by making it through on the toughest difficulty. If you’re having trouble, just wait until you’re closer to the level cap. Stock up on helpful Character World items to help you rush through it.

50 One Time Prize

The easiest (and sometimes only) way to get 50 One Time Prize trophy is to first obtain plenty of bonus gauge fill items from the item world. These can be used by your characters to boost the gauge, allowing you to obtain a full bar even in the early stages with low numbers of available enemies.

Eat lots of Curry!

One trophy requires you to pick up the curry buff 100 days in a row. This one requires copious amounts of care and patience. Do this first after coming out of your activity, and always double check for the icon on the top right of your screen to indicate that the buff is present before going into your next battle.


20 Combos

This trophy is simple enough: use a bunch of archers (or Usalia in her berserk mode) to activate their support attacks, which trigger whenever a nearby ally attacks. Or, once you’ve got 1 million mana, you can pass the Assembly bill to use 20 fighters on the next map. Use a map with some tough enemies, so you know you’ll be able to attack with all your allies in a single turn.

Item World and Earning HL

For a couple of trophies, you’ll need exorbitant amounts of HL (currency). One of the best ways to get it is to head into the Item World on one of your best items. The levels are quick and the bonus gauge is easier to fill, with rewards that are usually just as good as or better than the main campaign maps. You pick up a lot of currency from these rewards, as well as items and gear that can be sold if your characters don’t need it. Also, use a thief or two to steal some of the best items from your enemies, adding some extra goodies and weakening your opponents in the process. Another perk of the Item World is that you can select a type of bonus to appear more frequently. Add extra treasure chests to get even more HL for your time.

disgaea 5 tips

In addition to the other benefits, several trophies can only be earned through the Item World. One requires the player to max out an item’s level (which you can’t do until after you defeat the final Carnage boss). Another is similar, but requires maxing out the item’s quality instead. Make sure you’re taking a legendary quality item through the Item World, and use the Item Assembly feature to boost its rarity even further. Two other trophies require a bit of luck: Unlosing Ranger Status is dependent on a random drop from the supply delivery flyer, and the Legendary Weapon appears in a random mystery room.

Research early and often

Sending research teams is an easy way to level some of your weaker or less frequently used allies. Once you unlock this feature, I recommend sending all but 10 of your allies (including your main six overlords) out on research missions, unless you’ve got a particularly tough fight ahead of you. You can earn a trophy by discovering 100 Netherworlds, and mastering all classes is required for another, so sending a variety of allies is important (I usually just made one of each). Another important tip for the second trophy is to set subclasses on your primary overlords. They are the fighters you’re probably going to be using most often, so use the extra experience they’re getting towards mastering a class or two as you work your way through the campaign and the item world. Subclasses also yield unique abilities for your characters. You can set a subclass from the Strategy Assembly.


This trophy was tough: it requires crazy-high stats and lots of acquired abilities, which makes it a bit of a time-sink. Most strategies tend to use a sage as the focus, specialized in huge amounts of single-target damage. Use intellect curry and boost spells, Magicchange a couple of intellect-based monsters, and surround your sage with four Angel-class fighters for their proximity buffs. Create a combo chain with archers to provide a triple damage bonus before firing off a maxed-out Tera Star spell.

Here’s a good video link.

New Game +

Soon after you complete the main campaign, you can start over with all your characters, features, and items. Personally, I won’t be revisiting the main story anytime soon, but it’s a nice aspect of the post-game potential.

Hopefully you have learned something, and you’re now one step closer to joining the .2% of Disgaea 5 players with the platinum trophy. But this is going to be a LONG one! If you’re struggling to get any of the other trophies, give a shout-out and I’ll go into more detail.