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Does PS4 Download Faster In Rest Mode?

PlayStation 4 has been on the market for nearly seven years now, yet one questions we keep hearing about every now and then is if Sony’s console does PS4 download faster in Rest Mode? Anecdotal evidence has resulted in many people believing that it does, although it’s not something that is exactly publicly advertised as an ‘official’ feature by Sony proper.

Does PS4 Downloads Faster In Rest Mode?

PS4 users have tested downloading in Rest Mode vs downloading while the console is powered on as normal, and the general consensus is that it does download games faster. Again, this is all anecdotal, but there seems to be a gathering opinion that using Rest Mode can help speed things up.

While in Rest Mode, your console isn’t having to use resources running other programs, so it can put full support into downloading whatever you have in the pipeline. It also helps to speed up downloads if you use an ethernet cable, which has proven to be more effective than a Wi-Fi connection.

So, it’s not officially proven, but it would appear that by using Rest Mode seems to have the edge when it comes to download speed. Give it a go, as you’ve got nothing to lose!

How To Download PS4 Games In Rest Mode

Head to PS4’s Settings menu, go to Power Saving Settings, and then Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Next, simply tick the Stay Connected to the Internet option. Now, you can leave a game downloading overnight or while you are away from the PS4. Hopefully, it should also get it done a lot quicker, too.

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