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Does PS5 Have A Spotify App? – Is Spotify On PS5?


For those that want to listen to music whilst they game, Spotify is an important app that allows them to do just that and with the PS5 releasing people have been asking “Does PS5 Have A Spotify App?“. This article will answer that question. So, is Spotify on PS5?

Does PS5 Have A Spotify App? – Is Spotify On PS5?

The PS5 does have a Spotify app, meaning that you can use Spotify on PS5 whilst you are playing games or just to play music on its own. The service is so important to the PS5 that the Media Remote for Sony’s new console has a dedicated Spotify button, allowing you to open the Spotify app on PlayStation 5 with one click.

Spotify is the biggest music streaming service, offering songs, albums, EP’s, and podcasts to listen to for free or without ads on a monthly subscription plan. This will be the second Sony console to feature Spotify and all the content on the service will be accessible on PS5.